A Fond Farewell

On Sunday 3rd March, the congregations of Comrie and Dundurn Parish Churches united, in a very full Church at Comrie, to celebrate the 13½ years of Ministry of Rev Dr Graham McWilliams and the support of Lesley, Lauder and Callum.  This was the cumulation of four weeks where a sacrament was celebrated each week during worship and this Sunday included the Baptism of Pippa Lamont who had asked Graham to Baptise her before he left.

The Comrie Session Clerk, Murray Lauchlan, spoke of the deepening spiritual work of the congregations during Graham’s leadership, and of the wonderful legacy in the ecclesiastical buildings.

A presentation was made to Graham and Lesley on behalf of the Comrie congregation.

The congregation met in the Church Hall following worship and enjoyed a meal together to further celebrate and where our oldest Elder, Jim Thomson, spoke with great warmth and humour of the period of Graham’s Ministry.