John 11:43-44

John 11:43-44

When he had done this he (Jesus) cried with a loud voice “Lazarus come out”. The dead man came out his hands and feet bound with bandages his face wrapped in a cloth. Jesus said to them “Unbind him and let him go”

Lazarus, buried in a cave for days, responds to Jesus call to leave the grave and be free. Later Paul would write “Death where is thy victory, Grave where is thy sting” but Jesus showed that death could no longer hold us its power defeated by the power of love.

The great promise of the Christian faith is there for all to see. Lazarus, for a while, would escape death but he would not be bound by the bandages and clothes of sin to the grave. Jesus provides the way to life and to the freedom of glory yet to come.

Jesus had said  I am the resurrection, he was then and is now leading us to the Glory of God.


Lord God our loving Father in Heaven may we hear you when you bid us be free to rise and follow you redeemed and forgiven so the grave cannot capture us nor death hold us nor sin condemn us

In your Mercy hear our prayer