John 11:35

John 11:35
Jesus wept

The shortest verse in the whole Bible but one that packs a lot of meaning.

Jesus had arrived at the home of Martha, Mary and their brother Lazarus all of whom were good friends of his. Lazarus had died a few days before and Jesus felt grief like anyone else, he also saw the pain and anguish in Martha and Mary.

This is why he wept, his humanity overflowing as he saw how grief stricken his friends were. Moved by their pain he performs one of his greatest miracles by calling Lazarus back from the grave.

Did his humanity also give another reason for his tears? Jesus knew he was on the way to Jerusalem one last time and he would not survive that visit. Were his tears partially for himself also?

As Jesus looks upon us in our present plight does he not still weep to see our fear, our pain, our confusion in the face of a pandemic we cannot control?

Of course he does!

And praise be that because he lived our life he knows our human condition and shares all our emotions.

Lord God we know you weep when we are weeping. At this time of great difficulty in our lives throughout all the World we ask that as you weep with us you Bless us with your tears and we may have the faith to arise and follow you through whatever trials await us.
In your Mercy hear our prayer