At Comrie Parish Church we aim to affirm individuals and families at times of joy and times of sadness.  Whilst we acknowledge the times of Marriage, Baptism and Bereavement to be of particular importance, there are other significant life events which we aim to share in to provide a positive and spiritually affirming experience.


Baptism is a sign of fellowship with Jesus. By baptism we are linked so closely with Jesus Christ that His life is at work in us. We pray that, in God’s time, God will work in your child’s life by His Holy Spirit so that your child will come to have a living faith in Jesus as her or his Saviour.

To arrange your child’s baptism in our church please contact the Rev. Craig Dobney on 01764 679196, or email him at


Marriage is a partnership which lasts for life between two loving partners.  Marriage is about companionship, where there is real giving and receiving, helping and being helped, caring and being cared for. Each of you is wholly committed to caring for and looking after the interests of the other.

We’re pleased if you’re thinking about getting married in Church. We want to help you have not just a day to remember, but very many happy days of married life.  To discuss your plans, please contact the Rev. Craig Dobney on 01764 679196, or email him at


At times of bereavement, whether suddenly or following a long illness, no-one is every fully prepared for how they will feel at the loss of a friend or loved one.  We seek to offer a listening ear, a person to talk to, or some other form of practical help to ease the challenges that are faced.  Please contact the Rev. Craig Dobney who will be happy to meet and support in whatever way the Church can. You can reach him on 01764 679196, or email