After the reformation the parish of the minister of Tullichettle covered Comrie, Monzievaird, Crieff and Monzie. The Tullichettle church is now a ruin in the middle of the old burial ground.

In 1805 the parish church of the Church of Scotland was built, almost astride the confluence of Earn and Ruchill, incorporating the tower of an earlier church. In 1843 came the Disruption and in protest the Free Church was founded. For want of a building, services were held on Tom-na-kessog, a knoll between the public hall and the present Comrie Parish Church.

In 1879 the foundation stone of the new Free Church was laid and in 1925 the two United Free Churches of Scotland were united.  In 1929 the Established Church of Scotland and the United Free Church of Scotland were re-united and Comrie Parish Church was renamed Comrie Old Parish Church, and the present Parish Church was named St Kessogs Parish Church.  On 2nd September 1964 these two congregations were united choosing to use the St Kessogs building.  The other building passed to the community and continues to be used by the people of Comrie.

In 1965 the nearby church of Monzievaird and Strowan was closed and the Comrie and Strowan Parish was formed, now renamed Comrie Parish Church.