Where do I sit?  Please sit anywhere you like, people in the Church will make you welcome.

What do I do?  We stand to sing hymns, but the rest of the service we remain seated.

What do I wear?  Wear what you feel comfortable in, we do not have a dress code.

Can I bring my children with me?  Of course, children of all ages are welcome.  There is a part of the service especially for the children.  After this they will go to the Church hall for Sunday Club where they learn more about the life and work of Jesus and how God loves them.

Do I need to bring anything with me?  There are hymn books on the seat in front of you and some Bibles in every row.  The hymns and Bible readings are also projected onto the wall at the front of the Church.  We take up an offering during the service, which is for the work of our Church, the support of the community and the sharing of the Good News throughout the country and the world.

Who are the people at the entrance area?  We have welcome teams who are made up of Elders and members of the Church who will give you an order of service and be willing to help you with any questions that you may have.






Can I Join the Church?  Yes, if you want to become a member of our Church, please speak to a member of the welcome team or congregation who will direct to the right person to take your details.

After the service we come together for tea, coffee, cake and biscuits and would be delighted to meet you.